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Biozyme Facial peel

 Monday, April 25, 2011

One of the biggest things people have done at a plastic surgeons office is to remove the layer of dead skin off your face to reveal that smooth, soft, new skin beneath.  Many have paid thousands for chemical peels that require the use of anethesia, take several weeks of recovery and carries risks of scarring.  Then there is a medium peel that costs about $1000 with the same risks and recovery time.
Our peel does what this medium chemical peel does, without the chemicals, without the risk and without the recovery time.  It takes less than 5 minutes and you are on your way to new, smooth  skin that is now prepared and ready to receive all the wonderful benefits of the Mystique Facial Cream.  Biozyme Facial Peel is also the first of three steps in our Natural Fusion Face Lift Kit.
This peel is made with highly enzematic food with our signature bio processing that makes the molecules of our products 1000 times smaller than the human cell, allowing everything in the ingredients to penetrate the skin on a deeper molecular level.  I know.  Geek alert right? But it’s true!
I gave this product to a friend who has some facial issues.  She also has a daughter who battles acne.  Just after 1 day of using the Clay Soap, the facial peel and the Mystique, the could both see visible differences.  I knew that they would notice a difference, but I never dreamt it would be faster than 24 hours! 


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